Anxiety and Sleep Disorder

A good night’s sleep is important for good health. But millions of Americans suffer from chronic sleeping disorders. Stress is a leading cause of anxiety and anxiety is a cause of sleeping problems. It may even worsen existing problems. Having an anxiety disorder can severely affect the problem.

The likelihood of a sleeping problem effecting an anxiety disorder or an anxiety disorder effecting a sleeping disorder is unfortunately very possible. They stimulate and aggravate each other and lead to the severity of both issues perpetuating.

A lack of sleep stimulates the part of the brain that is closely associated with anxiety and depression. It is scientifically proven that sleep disruptions and disorders are present in nearly all cases of psychiatric disorders. Anxiety disorders and people living with them know that insomnia is a part of a terrible cycle. Symptoms of anxiety rob those affected of their precious hours of sleep.

The less sleep an individual receives the worse their daily lives are affected. Tiredness is only the beginning if left untreated. Performance at work, school, and social situations decreases and stress manifests daily. There is also an increased risk of injury and health problems .

Almost ninety percent of the time, when sleep disorders are present it is accompanied by another health condition. Individuals with sleep disorders plus anxiety issues are at higher risk of heart disease, heart failure, heart attack, hypertension, stroke, and diabetes.

The depravation of sleep results in people putting more focus on negative emotions. This can actually decrease the effectiveness of some forms of therapy.

It is so important to retain a proper diagnosis. This will elevate chances of success of treatment and alleviation of illness and proper healing being instilled. Treatment options vary and include sleep medicine and cognitive-behavior therapies which teach the individual how to modify and identify the behaviors that perpetuate the sleeping problems. Anxiety treatments also include cognitive behavior therapy, but include as well, relaxation techniques and medication, meditation, exercise, and diet alterations.

The troubles and affects of these disorders are real and they are devastating. If left unmastered an individual can become a devastating disorder. Sleep is one of our most basic needs and we must respect that in order to remain healthy and happy.