Tips For Hypochondriacs

Are you frequently anxious about your health? You’re not alone. There are thousands of people who suffer from health anxiety. The anxiety can be so debilitating for some that it renders them powerless to function normally in society. Just like alcholics must first admit that alcohol has taken control over them, hypochondriacs must admit that worry about their health has dominated their lives.

Here are some self-help tips if you suffer from health anxiety.

1. STOP SURFING THE INTERNET! The Internet may be a lovely invention for most people, but it’s the devil incarnate for hypochondriacs. Don’t surf every muscle pain and headache you have. If needbe, cancel your internet subscription for a few months. Whatever you do, don’t look up your symptoms. Just say no!

2. When you visit a doctor about your symptoms, accept their opinion. Remember, you don’t have a medical degree and you haven’t spent years seeing patients. Put trust into your doctor. Remember, they’re so paranoid about malpractice suits that they’re going to do their very best to make sure you are ok!

3. Before you visit the doctor, outline all the questions you want to ask. Get everything out of your system when you visit the doctor. Don’t hold some belief in and let it fester before the next appointment.

4. Keep busy. Health anxiety is common among people with ‘type A’ personalities who are bored. Don’t let your mind wander. Keep busy with work. If work isn’t enough, find a hobby you enjoy.

5. Accept that we can’t know everything. There’s no miracle machine that will give you the 100% all clear and tell you every microscopic thing wrong with you. Accept the doctor’s opinion and accept that is the best thing you can get.

6. Accept that death is inevitable, and life is worth living. There’s no point in worrying about your health; the only thing you can do is enjoy life while you have it. Finding a spiritual guide and a belief in God is often very helpful.