Top Causes of Anxiety and How to Handle Them

There is nothing like a good old anxiety attack to make a mature responsible adult feel like a child again. Anxiety thrives on fear and fear thrives on anxiety making the vicious circle it forms around a person’s life look and feel like quicksand. No sane person would walk out into quicksand, so the fear of it makes the person surrender their confidence and strength with the false promise of safety and comfort. But as most people who have anxiety attacks know, there is nothing comfortable about feeling scared into a paralyzed state.

Living with anxiety and panic attacks that come on suddenly out of nowhere is difficult at first because you are not prepared for them, and this fear of the unknown will cause the attack to be very unsettling. Once you have dealt with this type of anxiety for a little while you begin to know what to do if they happen, and you may even be prescribed medication to help you prevent them.
The “normal” anxiety or the anxiety that comes along for the ride with a stressful situation can be handled and faced in a somewhat different way. Usually until the situation is resolved or no longer exists, some degree of anxiety will be felt. In these situations it’s better to know before you actually have the anxiety attack that there is a possibility it could happen. It’s also good to be ready with some things you can try to use to dilute the intensity of the feeling.

Moving can be a big source of stress that is known to get to levels that cause anxiety. There is so much to do on top of the everyday tasks at hand that it all can get overwhelming. A good way to kill this monster before it attacks is to try and be as organized as possible and make as many lists as you need so you don’t stress about forgetting something, and try and see the move as an adventure if possible.

Starting a new job can strike fear in your heart and that fear loves to invite anxiety. Your best defense is to do everything you can to control the things that are actually in your ability to control. Make sure you are dressed to meet the dress code of the regular employees. Get to work a little early so you can be ready to start when you need to and not keep anybody waiting for you to settle in. And ask for help when you need it so you don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself to know everything all at once. Nobody else will be expecting that of you, so give yourself a break.
Losing a relationship that you have come to rely on for support and comfort can leave you feeling lost and that can cause you to panic. The reality is that you were able to survive without this person at one time in your life, and you can do it again. Staying focused on the fact that you are not really lost and that this person did not live your life for you, but shared the experience with you, will help you to not overestimate this person’s real place in your life.

Feeling like you want to panic at the first sign of stress, but resisting that urge is the best way to break the relationship of stress and anxiety for good.