What A Panic Attack Feels Like

Anxiety attacks usually last less than 10 minutes, but within that time they can take a person on an emotional roller coaster ride that will leave their heart racing and scared out of their wits, many times totally stopping that person in their tracks.

These types of attacks are something that the greater part of society really doesn’t understand, or quite frankly believe exists. It’s very common to hear people minimize the severity of someone suffering from these attacks because they just don’t realize how real these are, and how scary they can be.

Having to deal with a confused society tends to only make matters worse when the attacks do happen.

Let’s go over some common symptoms to help you recognize when an attack may be happening or about to happen. This is not an entire list of symptoms for these types of attacks, but it is some of the most common. These symptoms are:

– Pounding heartbeat – where you can feel it pounding in your chest

– Increased sweating – sudden and uncontrollable

– Dizziness and nausea – may feel like throwing up or fainting

– Breathing difficulty – like something is smothering you

– Numbness of the face – tingling sensation about the face

– Fear of losing self control – fear of doing something that will cause embarrassment

– Feeling the need to start crying – can be for no reason at all

Sometimes these symptoms gradually work up to an anxiety attack, so if you understand the symptoms, you may be able to be more prepared. Unfortunately, many of these attacks start so quickly you don’t have time to see it coming, but at least you will know what is happening to you, which can provide some level of comfort.